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Hot Rubberized Crack Filling


Red Sky Inc. believes crack filling is the most important first step in maintaining an asphalt pavement, but is often the most overlooked. All cracks in asphalt surfaces can rapidly turn into a major hazard. Soon the area around the crack rapidly deteriorates and what could have been a small maintenance step has turned into a costly repair project.


Benefits of Hot Rubberized Crack Filling:

   • prevents water from entering and weakening the base or sub-base

   • helps preserve the pavement adjacent to the cracks

   • prevents sand, stone, and dirt from making its way into open cracks
 causing compressive stresses

   • extends pavement life by minimizing crack growth.


 Red Sky Inc. only provides quality and professional service and products in all crack filling and pothole repair projects. All services are completed by hand to ensure precision on all residential and commercial projects.

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